Another one bites the dust


When I was younger, sometimes I’d go on holiday with my mum to the likes of Scarborough and Dorset with my dad – these were pretty long drives and the only thing that really kept me awake was classic rock. If you were to find my CD Walkman today, wherever it may be, I can bet that the CD inside would be a Queen compilation because those were always my favourites. I suppose it’s hard to regenerate classics when the originals are held so dearly to our hearts but honestly, I think Adam Lambert standing in for the late great Freddie Mercury is the best choice they could have made.

Upon hearing that the band were doing a UK tour with Adam, I threw caution to the wind and emailed their PR to see if it was possible at all to get a photo pass for the show. To my surprise, a few days ago I got the reply to say that I could and, despite all the stress of trying to get there on the night, it was one of the most surreal and awesome experiences I’ve had since I started photographing back in 2009. I look through my images every few minutes still because I can’t seem to grasp that they’re mine, that I had the chance to shoot the legendary Queen and I’m so happy with how the night went. Here’s just a few of my favourites!

queen9 queen21 queen36



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