The bright side.

ptv-manc32There’s been quite a lot happening in the past few months, that I haven’t had the most ample of opportunities to update. University is drawing to a close for another year and I’ve been graced with two firsts, marks I never imagined I’d receive this year. I’m rather fond of them regardless. On the photo front, I’m still working my ass off continuously by bouncing my way around the country to cover some pretty cool bands. Most recently is the pictured Pierce The Veil, who’s management were happy for me to go along to three of their shows to be their photographer for the night. The last of which happens tomorrow, Newcastle’s date of The World Tour.

Since my last update, I have also had my work printed a few times. This is quite monumental for me, I only picked photography back up in 2013 after my grandad had passed – as I’d cared for him while he was sick – and didn’t expect such great things to come, especially not so soon. As a regular contributor to Substream, they were happy to print two of my photos as posters in their issue featuring We Are Harlot on the cover. HM Magazine contacted me to say they would like to use my photos, I was then surprised to find that I’d also have my photos gracing the cover of the magazine also and this made me incredibly happy.

However my grandest achievement of the year so far, has been a feature in Alternative Press. In their most recent issue, a photo of Lloyd Roberts I had taken at Neck Deep’s Manchester show was used for their guitarist special. When I was 14, I began reading Alternative Press. These were the days of Borders bookstores, when my friends and I would take a walk there, sit and read magazines while sipping our iced latte’s from the Starbucks upstairs and everything was simple. Alternative Press quickly became my favourite magazine and I admired the incredible photos that were constantly featured throughout at every release. Now I’m 21, turning 22 in a month and now my photos are gracing the pages that have had me hooked for so long. It’s such an honour, it’s something that 14 year old me would have laughed at the thought of happening. I couldn’t be more excited and getting a text this morning to see the page, my photo there, was one of the best feelings in the world.

More updates when my time with Pierce The Veil is up, including a gallery of my favourite shots. Thanks for sticking around!


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