2015; A Year In Review

2015 was the year I pushed myself to do more as a photographer, I tried new things and got onto my first mini tour with an incredible band. Over the course of the year, I produced some of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken and shot some huge names, outside of the typical rock genre that I’m used to. Here’s my favourite shots from the year, with a little story with each.

16151228348_d4f4221d18_oJANUARY; My first show of the year was a huge one, Queen + Adam Lambert. Due to their early stage time and unpredictable trains, I almost didn’t even make this show. Not only did I get to see one of the bands that I grew up on but I got to photograph. This is probably set one of three, of my favourite shoots from the year and I’ll never forget it.

16495896922_95880b2140_oFEBRUARY; I’m a huge fan of personal shots, when the artist points or interacts in some way with the camera. This was Alive Like Me in a tiny venue in Manchester, after interacting with the crowd I caught this as he turned to me.

16688733886_939ca468e5_oMARCH; In This Moment I hadn’t intended to shoot, after working with their supports for the tour, a friend of mine advised that I shoot at least a couple of songs from the set. We were told we could shoot for as long as we want as each song has it’s own choreography, costumes and feel. Made for one of the most interesting and high energy shoots of the year!

17019274946_28fa5f80d7_oAPRIL; April was a huge pivotal point for me, I was asked to come along to a few dates of The World Tour, AAA, to work with Pierce The Veil. As I’ve saved a picture of PTV for later in the year, I decided for April, I’d share this one of Sleeping With Sirens. The production for the whole tour was incredible and this silhouette of Kellin was one of my favourites of all the images I caught.

aiisd9MAY; As It Is became very good friends of mine in 2015, from working with them early in the year, we kept in touch and when I headed down to their set at Slam Dunk, Patty noticed me shooting and I got this little number. It’s more personal to me than anything else, it’s always nice to be recognised and this band continues to support me a whole hell of a lot. It also made for a pretty cool shot too.

modsun9JULY; Unfortunately June was a no show month for me, it was time to wind down before my summer US trip, where I had the chance to go to Warped Tour again. Mod Sun in 2014 was a joy to shoot, so when I saw he was on the lineup for 2015 I knew I had to shoot again. That high energy made for some interesting shots, this one stood out to me for being a little more unique than the rest of my set.

leeds45AUGUST; August was a huge month for me, a week after I got home I was heading down to London to start a mini tour with Pierce The Veil. In high school they were a band I listened to, went to the shows of and somehow I ended up being picked to go to Reading & Leeds with them. They’re incredible guys, who helped me out as much as I helped them. We created some great images but this one, looking out onto that sea of people really stuck with me. Not only was this my first touring experience, it was also my first Reading & Leeds festival. I can’t thank this band enough for all the opportunities they gave me.

malloryknox21SEPTEMBER; September, for the most part, was a slow month. Lack of shows and moving back down to Uni meant that I didn’t really have many shows to do. However, I did get into contact with Mallory Knox’s management and was invited down to the Manchester show to get some live shots for the management company. I had a ton of fun, their production set up was quite a challenge but made for some nice shots like this one.

yearsandyears28OCTOBER; A lot of people don’t realize that I’m a huge fan of pop music, getting to shoot and see Years & Years this past October was such a treat. Though the lighting posed some challenges, I was really into the high energy of singer Olly Alexander. It my show of the year, not just for shooting but getting to enjoy the rest of the set and not worry about having to catch a train home was a nice change.

1975sNOVEMBER; I had heard a lot of horror stories regarding The 1975’s production and lighting. I even heard some of the other photographers around me complaining too but I enjoyed the pink and working with the movement of each of the members. The set I came out with ended up being some of my favourite shots that I’ve ever taken. I’m used to very basic lighting, or red and having something new to work with and play with in the editing stages was great!

statechamps4.jpgDECEMBER; In 2015, I tried new things with my photos such as this. Here is State Champs in Pawtucket. I really enjoyed this show, the lighting was incredibly basic but it prompted me to do some fun things with the photos during editing so they’d be a little more unique than the average standing singing in pink light shot. I really enjoyed pushing myself with this set and, though I’m usually very down on myself with some sets of images, I was really happy to send them over afterwards.


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