2015; A Year In Review

2015 was the year I pushed myself to do more as a photographer, I tried new things and got onto my first mini tour with an incredible band. Over the course of the year, I produced some of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken and shot some huge names, outside of the typical rock genre that I’m used to. Here’s my favourite shots from the year, with a little story with each.

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The bright side.

ptv-manc32There’s been quite a lot happening in the past few months, that I haven’t had the most ample of opportunities to update. University is drawing to a close for another year and I’ve been graced with two firsts, marks I never imagined I’d receive this year. I’m rather fond of them regardless. On the photo front, I’m still working my ass off continuously by bouncing my way around the country to cover some pretty cool bands. Most recently is the pictured Pierce The Veil, who’s management were happy for me to go along to three of their shows to be their photographer for the night. The last of which happens tomorrow, Newcastle’s date of The World Tour.

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Another one bites the dust


When I was younger, sometimes I’d go on holiday with my mum to the likes of Scarborough and Dorset with my dad – these were pretty long drives and the only thing that really kept me awake was classic rock. If you were to find my CD Walkman today, wherever it may be, I can bet that the CD inside would be a Queen compilation because those were always my favourites. I suppose it’s hard to regenerate classics when the originals are held so dearly to our hearts but honestly, I think Adam Lambert standing in for the late great Freddie Mercury is the best choice they could have made.

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My own worst enemy

As an aspiring paid music photographer, I’m no stranger to how difficult it can be to getting your work out there to people. While yes, there are a plethora of forums for me to air my images and what I have to say regarding them, there’s no guarantee that a mass amount of people will see them. It’s quite disheartening, even more so when you attempt to reach out to more esteemed magazines for their approval just to receive the coldest of all replies as none at all.

Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between people genuinely disliking my work and me just assuming that’s the case. Yes, as the title states I am my own worst enemy. I’m the queen of self sabotage and there is no limit to how much I can often question myself and my abilities. It makes things ten times more difficult for me to even want to put my work online when I’m plagued with the idea that people aren’t going to care or like what I have to show them.

This isn’t something new, this disappointingly is a recurring process of thought that has found me after every show I have ever shot at. Though it’s a feeling much more prominent in the past year, when I began to work with bands AAA to document how they prepare for and work a show. I don’t want to be bogged down by the thought that I’m not good enough any longer and I feel 2015 is the perfect time to get into a new mindset. I’ve always worked hard but I haven’t really given myself the chance to play by giving myself praise after the work is done – this year I intend to change that. It’ll take some work and hopefully more frequent blog posts but I’m going to start airing more of my photos online for the world to see. Shares would be appreciated, when they come. In the mean time, thank you for tolerating the waffling of my inner thoughts.

Musings of a Second Year – 01.

Last year I took the leap to go to university – this followed losing my grandfather who I looked after for quite some time. I was sad to lose him, of course, but the only thing that gave me motivation was him telling me to go and do all of the things he couldn’t do. University was one of those.

I’m now starting my second year of uni and, in starting my second year, I looked back on the first year and considered all of the experiences I had to pick out what I¬†enjoyed the most.

Honestly, over the plethora of people I’ve had the chance to meet, over the experience of being completely independent for the first time – without having others depend on me either – the thing I most enjoyed was watching myself grow and change over the year.

Since coming to university I’ve watched how I’ve transformed from a timid girl, anxious about almost everything, to someone confident and determined that I’m now doing things I never would have done before.

I’m throwing myself into my journalistic work, in and out of university, thriving in Radio – which at the start of the year terrified me – and I have an entirely more positive view on everything. Something I might not have had without university.

All in all I’m glad I took my granddad’s words to heart, I’ve had the chance to discover who I really am and have never been more certain about what I want to do. I owe him so much for that.

Come fly with me.



My absence lately has been due to my inability to post. For a number of reasons, most of them culminating over the fact I had forgotten my log in info for the longest time. However, there is another reason and that is for the last couple of months I have been so busy that it seemingly slipped my mind to update on things. Since Neon Trees I have shot my first festival via Slam Dunk, moved back home for the summer and away from University, seen One Direction play in a sweaty hot Wembley Stadium and also taken a second trip out to the United States. Let me update you on the latter.

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