A year in review – 2014 Live Edition.


The year 2014 provided me with an array of amazing opportunities to progress with my photography. I was able to cover two great festivals, work with bands all access and meet some wonderful people in equally great places along the way. So here it is, a rather late live year in review. Here’s to hoping 2015 will be just as eventful as the last!

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Come fly with me.



My absence lately has been due to my inability to post. For a number of reasons, most of them culminating over the fact I had forgotten my log in info for the longest time. However, there is another reason and that is for the last couple of months I have been so busy that it seemingly slipped my mind to update on things. Since Neon Trees I have shot my first festival via Slam Dunk, moved back home for the summer and away from University, seen One Direction play in a sweaty hot Wembley Stadium and also taken a second trip out to the United States. Let me update you on the latter.

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