A year in review – 2014 Live Edition.


The year 2014 provided me with an array of amazing opportunities to progress with my photography. I was able to cover two great festivals, work with bands all access and meet some wonderful people in equally great places along the way. So here it is, a rather late live year in review. Here’s to hoping 2015 will be just as eventful as the last!

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Tour Recap


16th April 2014, I embarked on my journey to Southampton to begin the Of Mice & Men, Issues and Beartooth UK tour. I was mainly doing each date for Issues who, since June last year, have gotten me back into music in a way I never thought could happen again. I had dropped music photography due to a family illness and up until last year, the only time I’d picked up my camera was for a show without a barrier or any particular rules regarding shooting. It was a huge thing for me after a big loss, of someone who really encouraged me to do what I loved, to get back into music again and I’m glad that a band as wonderful as Issues were the selling point to get me to pick up my camera again.

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