2015; A Year In Review

2015 was the year I pushed myself to do more as a photographer, I tried new things and got onto my first mini tour with an incredible band. Over the course of the year, I produced some of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken and shot some huge names, outside of the typical rock genre that I’m used to. Here’s my favourite shots from the year, with a little story with each.

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Another one bites the dust


When I was younger, sometimes I’d go on holiday with my mum to the likes of Scarborough and Dorset with my dad – these were pretty long drives and the only thing that really kept me awake was classic rock. If you were to find my CD Walkman today, wherever it may be, I can bet that the CD inside would be a Queen compilation because those were always my favourites. I suppose it’s hard to regenerate classics when the originals are held so dearly to our hearts but honestly, I think Adam Lambert standing in for the late great Freddie Mercury is the best choice they could have made.

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